I am a digital creative.

Human Centred Designer. Problem Solver. Can Still Code. Product Owner. Mentoring.


I live in Australia but have always worked with amazing people all over the world.

Starting my design career in the early 2000’s I have found myself wearing many hats over the years; graphic designer, developer, product strategist, team lead, problem solver - and more - but always keeping the same element as my focus ‘the end user’.

With a constant passion for human centred design, I am always seeking knowledge around how we can build better solutions for customers and love empowering my teams to join me on this journey. Learning new stuff is fun and I'll always prefer to ask a question and learn - than say nothing at all.

Currently I find myself as Head of Design at Australian Finance Group, an extremely rewarding position, with a group of amazing teams in an ever changing industry. I've been at AFG since 2010 and my career has continued to grow and grow within the business, it's really one of the most rewarding positions I've found myself in. When I’m not in the office you can find me with our customers running workshops, or on stage sharing my knowledge about design at conferences around Australia.

Besides design work at AFG, I have been involved in a mental health initiative at AFG promoting the importance in creating a healthy work-life balance and changing the views and stigma associated with those seeking support. Through suggestions of services, educational weeks, sharing my own personal journey and other small events we are working towards a stronger staff culture.

My greatest hits at AFG include being a key role in evolution of AFG’s online and social brands, working on our award-winning SMART marketing program for mortgage brokers, working with our brokers and lender partners to understand their needs, designing the UI/UX for various desktop and mobile-based apps for our 2850+ brokers, traveling across Australia to speak at a number of conferences to demo our work, working with US-based fintechs in bringing their technology solutions to our Australian market and much more.

So that's me, I might see your on the Internet somewhere (stalking options to the right) or might see you at one of the various Perth Design Meet Up groups I'm involved in - most likely giving a talk around one of my favourite topics "Designing Your Life"

Thanks for visiting my corner of the Internet, I'm always interested in collaborating or giving advice on projects - so drop me a line if you want.






One last thing.

Here are my guidelines I always aim to stick too.

  • Data is your friend.
  • What’s the problem?
  • Speak and listen to people - customers, friends and colleagues.
  • Sketch. Sketch again. And sketch some more.
  • Stop. Collaborate. Listen.
  • Build a solution, not a fancy website.
  • Make your solution for everyone.
  • Be consistent, but be free.
  • Adapt easily.
  • Be focused.
  • Control what you can control.
  • You. Are. Here.